REFUGEE OUTREACH January-February 2006
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After waiting 3 long years for the Lord to open the doors for me to return to the refugee camps along the Thai/Burma border, my dream was finally happening! My friend, Mary Wright from Alabama, and I left Honolulu January 26th and flew into Bangkok via Tokyo. I am always exhausted when the trip is finally over, but so excited I find it hard to sleep

Here are some pictures that show a little bit of the shopping and other local sights to take in while I was waiting to travel into the camps.

This is a "Tuk Tuk" and driver. This is a popular way to travel through the busy city streets.

Bartering with one of the many street merchants.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "Playing" with the elephants!

This is an outdoor market selling fruits and vegetables Where I was able to purchase some items to take into the camps with me.

Today was a "down day" and we would not travel till the next day. I made calls to friends in Bangkok and set up time to meet. Mary decided to fly right up to Udon Thani and join her husband who was waiting for her there. I made arrangements to hire a car to take me to Mae Sot and drop Mary at the airport on the way. A friend, Rudy and his friend, Bee were heading to Mae Sot and wanted to share the car with me. I was thrilled with the idea of having company on the long 6 hour ride and have a Thai women who could communicate with the driver for me! There is an overnight bus available, but I had such heavy bags of clothes and supplies that I didnít want to hassle taking 3 bags on the bus and possibly losing them. I made arrangements for Rudy and Bee to meet me at our hotel at 11 am the next day, Sunday the 29th. Mary and I had a bite to eat and went to bed early.