REFUGEE OUTREACH - November 2011
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We were scheduled to leave Dothan November 15th, flying to Atlanta on the first part of the long journey ahead of us. We checked in at 5 a.m. and sat until 7 a.m. when we were told our plane had mechanical problems and could not fly. Some Passengers were put on a bus and taken to Atlanta. We were given tickets for a plane leaving at 5 p.m. with a hotel and meal voucher and we would catch a flight the next day from Atlanta. This meant changing our hotel and airline reservations in Bangkok and cancelling a flight to Lampang, but I was able to work it out and we arrived in Bangkok just a day late. We flew on to Chiang Mai the next morning and were picked up by a couple I had met at our friends, Rudy and Tai's wedding in 2008. They were also staying at Rudy's a few days and it was nice being able to visit with them and getting to know them better during the drive to Lampang.

Rudy is an American who has been delivering the sponsorship money to our camp contacts in Mae La refugee camp which is about a 6 hour drive from his home. He has started a tradition of having Thanksgiving dinner at his home the past 3 years, even though it is not celebrated in Thailand. He had several couples over on the 18th to celebrate our American tradition. We had quite a mix of nationalities represented. There were Thai, Brits, German, Dutch, Australian, Swedish, Danes,Hungarian, Chinese/Thai and a few of us from the good old USA! Everyone was interested to hear about our Missionary work in Thailsnd; however none really thought it was their cup of tea!

Rudy had made arrangements with a good friend of his to drive us in his truck to Mae Sot, which is the closest town to the first refugee camp. Ron has a very nice truck and was one of the nicest I have ridden in while traveling in Thailand, Ron arranged to pick us up at Rudy's at 8 a.m. to load the suitcases full of the new clothes we had brought from two churches at home.We were only allowed by the airlines to take two 50lb. suitcases each and we had other things to take, along with our personal clothing.

The Pleasant Grove Baptist Dorcas Group ladies made beautiful little summer jumpers, blankets and dozens of cute finger puppets. Our church, Harvest, has a group of ladies who crochet and knit and they made 50 lbs. of caps for preemies, booties, mittens and blankets as well as blankets and caps for larger children. We were able to fill another suitcase full of their blessings.


Several of the ladies had also prepared zip lock blessing bags filled with unbreakable items to bless the children in the camps. I know the children and parents were so happy to receive these wonderful gifts of love.