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3 of the beautiful children who need someone to help make a difference

The photo on the left is too beautiful to not share. This is a young Karen woman who lives in one of the refugee camps. As you can already see from these pictures, the Karen are precious and beautiful people.

Before we begin the actual recounting of our trip, I wanted to share with you a letter we received before we left from one of the children we currently sponsor (not one of the children pictured here). She wanted to let us know about some of the struggles she faces in her life and thank her sponsor for helping her and her family. We have removed her name and the names of her parents for the sake of privacy.


My name is Naw *** **. I am 14 years old. My mother's name is M** M* Y* and my father is B** K****. I have 4 siblings. 2 boys and 2 girls. Now I'm studying at grade 5.

I have to struggle this year. My mother gets sick. We don't know her blood type. She has been getting this sick for long time. We don't know and she doesn't let us know. Every day she carries vegetables, banana and some fruits to sell for her family. She tries the best for her children. Once she get sickness and lost her memory. She doesn't know everything. She eats the food without pay (steals food) She doesn't remember her children. On the other hand, my dad has to pay for my Mom's debt. For me, I'm shy to go to school and pass the house which my mom has Debt. For my Dad, he gets pay but all we have to give to debt. He cannot support to his family well enough. For me, I have to force myself to go to go to school even though I shamed. My Mom's sickness is like cannot turn, heart burning and back pain. My Dad works as a security man in camp. People who saw us feel sorrow for us. If my Mom well again, they can work together for their family. My Dad gets 800 batt per month. I feel pity for my father that he didn't get enough sleep.

This year is very difficult for me to go to school. At raining season I don't have umbrella, and also my young brothers do too. Sometimes I go with my friends umbrellas. Sometimes I run in the rain as my siblings do. At school when other kids have snacks, but my 2 young brothers don't have, they look at others and I can't help them. I'm just pity on them and I do too. Sometimes I have 2 beg to enough our appetite. At night time, when we study, we don't have enough candle, so sometimes we have to study at others house and sleep there. And I bought 2 white school uniform for me. One I wear and the other I keep to wear when I grow bigger. I just wear the small one. Sometimes I wear wet one with unwell smell. I am not free to go and study at others house because I have to look after my house, my Mom and my little brother. My young brothers they don't understand the difficulties and just know to walk around and play. For my Dad, he has to do security around camp at night time and cannot stay at home. For me, my slipper is broken and I walk without slipper. This is all my difficulties that I have to face.

I'm so glad that you help me and my family. I am so joyful and I can't say how much it be! And I would like to thank you so much and how much it can't be measured. Also I thank all of my teachers.

With Fulfill thanks
Naw H** K*