2019 Year End Letter

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Dothan, Alabama 36302

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from IAG

2019 has been a relatively good year for our refugee families. We have not heard of any major flooding disasters in the camps during the Monsoon season. In years past, dozens of homes have been destroyed through mud slides and rising river water. Malaria continues to be a major problem with almost all of the refugees in the camps affected by the mosquitoes carrying the infectious disease.

Dozens of our sponsored children and their families have been resettled to other countries through the United Nations High Commission on Refugee Resettlement program. We are contacted through e-mail and Facebook from some of the families who have been resettled here in the United States. We are in close contact with 4 families residing in Florida, N. Carolina and Kentucky and it is encouraging to see how well the children are adapting to life outside the refugee camps. Due to minor health issues, we weren't able to travel to the camps this year, but we have a great support system on the ground at the border who make sure all the money and gifts from sponsors get delivered to the children in both camps.

We have disbursed $50,576.00 so far this year and before the end of the year will be sending in another $18,000.00 for a total disbursement of $68,576.00. We currently have 422 children being actively sponsored.

God has greatly blessed our ministry through the past 25 years and we are grateful that we are able to continue this outreach. We appreciate all your prayers and monetary support. Without you we would not be able to continue our outreach to these precious Karen refugee children. Thank you!

God bless you all,

Rick & Betty