LEVEL 1 ($10.00 month or $120.00 a year)
Tuition, room and board at a church run mission school in the refugee camps OR the camp run schools. Also clothing or food items can be purchased.

LEVEL 2 ($20.00 month or $240.00 a year)
Tuition, room & board, uniforms, warm jacket, toiletry items, miscellaneous spending money and most important, extra food for the student and his family. If you choose an infant or pre-schooler, the money will buy food and clothing for your child.

For a one time gift, Please designate where you would like your gift to go.

Checks for sponsorship can be made out to International Assistance Group, Inc. There is a link below for easy Paypal donation if you prefer. We send you a tax deductible receipt at year's end. IAG will forward donations, letters, or small gifts to our trusted border contacts for delivery to your child.

Thanks for helping to make a difference in the lives of these Karen Refugee children. All funds donated for child sponsorship go directly to the children with only $2 per disbursement withheld to go toward the cost of getting the disbursements into the camps. No other administration fees are withheld. Where there is a need, God provides!

For more information about an individual Child - please click on one of the links to the left.
Please send us an email about the child(ren) you are interested in sponsoring and we will reply and confirm your information.

International Assistance Group, Inc.

P.O. Box 1441
Dothan, AL 36302