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The Karen leadership have always held education up as a number one priority for their people. They realize that without an education, their freedom will do them no good. Parents sacrifice much to try to make it possible for their children to attend school. In the refugee camps in Thailand there are government run schools and church sponsored Christian schools. The children can attend the government run schools free except for basic school supplies that they must provide for themselves, but they live at home and their parents provide all their needs. In the Christian church run schools, it is possible for parents from outlying areas to send their children to board at the schools where they are provided with room, board, and an education. In order for these children to get a quality education, most of them have to have sponsors because their parents simply cannot afford to pay tuition and feed and clothe them.


In the 18 years I have been working in the refugee camps along the Thailand/Burma border, I think the thing that has touched my heart the most are the faces of the young children trapped in the jungle or in the refugee camps.

Many ask me to find them a sponsor so they can go to school. If I had my way, there would not be one child uneducated. When a child or young person comes to me and asks for a sponsor, I always tell them the same thing. "I will pray for someone to step forward and sponsor you." I have several children featured on the web site and add new ones when any of them are sponsored. We have over 250 children sponsored. There are, of course, hundreds of children that I can't feature on my web site. We remain in touch with contacts in the camps who take pictures and get personal information about young students and children at risk that are good candidates for sponsorship. Not only are we sponsoring students, but new-borns and pre-schoolers who need a nutritional boost. When mothers or fathers bring these little ones to me, there is no way I can turn my back on them.

If you would like to help make a tremendous difference in a child's life, just drop us a note or e-mail, and we will send you the information you need to become a sponsor.

You can visit our Sponsor Page for more detailed information on the costs of supporting these Children.

This is a picture of the entire student body of the Karen Adventist Academy in Mae Rah Moo refugee camp.

Students receiving newly donated uniforms for School

They are in need of funds to pay their teachers. IAG will gladly accept donations for this cause and forward them to the school.

Baptist Pastor - Gler Kler, SDA Pastor - Law Gler, and one of the teachers at the Bible School in the Seh Lah Refugee Camp which was started by Pastor Gler Kler.

Thanks to donations, this school has been able to make the needed repairs. The primary focus at this school is improving literacy and teaching the Bible. One of the biggest needs at the school right now is the money to pay the teachers' salaries. Each teacher receives $10 per month and there are 4 teachers. They are also in need of donations to help buy more books.

This little building has been built in the Seh Lah Refugee Camp as a "reading room and Library" even though there are no books yet for the students to read. The pastor is stepping out on faith that the books will be provided.

UPDATE: After the terrible flooding of the area in 2002, the Thai government closed Seh Lah Refugee Camp and moved everyone to Mae La Oo which is closer to Mae Rah Moo camp.

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