Become a Pen Pal!


If you or your child would like to have a pen pal from the Karen Refugee camps or border area, just contact us and we will match you up with someone. There are people of all ages wanting to correspond with people in the "Outside" world.

A simple letter would just be one where you introduce yourself, (name, age, etc.) tell a little bit about your family (brothers, sisters, etc.) tell what your hobbies are and ask any questions you would want them to answer. They LOVE to have pictures. So if you have a picture of yourself and/or family to send that would be great! You can mail your initial letter to IAG at the address shown at the bottom of this page. Just start your letters, "Dear Friend" and when we have chosen a person to receive the letter, I will give you their name and mailing address.

When you write a letter, would you include a blank sheet of paper so the child can reply to you? It is very difficult for them to get writing paper. All letters can be mailed to me at our P.O. Box and we will get them into the refugee camps.

Please feel free to e-mail, or call the phone number listed below.

Let's saturate the refugee area with blessings of Aloha!

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