April 2023 -

Dear Sponsors,

I believe that most of you are aware of the fact that My Wonderful Wife, Betty has been battling cancer since last July.
On March 19th, Jesus called her home and she is now with all of her family and friends in Heaven.
Although there have been less communications during the past year because of the difficult time that Betty was experiencing, IAG continued in its operation.
Betty was dedicated to the development of IAG at the age of 50 and had asked God to let her be at least 80 before she passed on.
Therefore, she was granted her wish from God and passed on at 81 years old.

Prior to her passing Betty and I prayed for a godly person that had a heart for the refugee children and loved them.
Additionally, the person would have to be capable in taking over Betty's administrative responsibilities in continuing her lifelong work.
In answer to our prayer, we both totally agreed that the most qualified person to take her place was Colleen Stanley.
Colleen accepted the position and considered it an honor and privilege to carry on Betty's mantle.
She has been rapidly learning everything that is needed in order to fulfill the responsibilities.

During 2022 IAG received $59,702.25 in donations and disbursed a total of $64,141.00 to the refugee camps.
There are currently around 320 children that are being actively sponsored, several children that have lost their sponsor, and many more that are still waiting for a sponsor.

We thank each one of you who are sponsoring a child and you can remain assured that your donations will continue to be credited and disbursed to your sponsored child as it has always been in the past.
Your prayers and support are a blessing, and as always, thank you for making a difference.

In Christ Love,

Rick Stribling


God is Awesome

December 2021 -

Merry Christmas,

When we prepared our 2020-year end letter we were sure that 2020 would be a year we would never forget.
Unfortunately, 2021 has been an unforgettable year as well.
Both Rick and I came down with Covid in October, but with immediate medical intervention, we recovered, for the most part, within a couple weeks.
Our organization continues to lose sponsors because of financial reversals; however, we are so thankful for all of you who have been able to continue sponsoring your precious children.

I just received word today that Covid has spread to all sections in the high mountain refugee camp, Mae Rah Moe.
All the refugee camps have been in total lockdown with no one allowed in or out since late 2020.
Some aid organizations were allowed into the camp in May and we were able to send money in then, which was the last time any aid organization has been allowed in.
My camp contact informed me that a man came into Mae La camp unauthorized, and he had Covid, which has since spread to hundreds of people in the camp.

In March there was a huge fire in Mae La camp that destroyed 49 homes. 256 people were left without homes.
My camp contact, Honest Roger, who does not live in the camp, contacted me and asked if we could help by sending money to help rebuild these homes.
Through generous donations, we were able to send in $5,350.00.
In July there was an urgent need for small oxygen cylinders for those who had Covid pneumonia.
Once again, the Lord blessed us with $800.00 to send to Honest, who then bought the oxygen cylinders.

We are in year 27 of our outreach to the Karen refugees and the Lord continues to help us through the good times and the bad.
We were able to disburse $43,856.00 this year and praise the Lord for all He has done for us and the refugee families.
Families who have been resettled in the United States continue to contact me and it is wonderful to be able to catch up with our extended families.
They all have great stories of how they ended up where they are and the many changes they have experienced in their new lives.
Needless to say, the resettlement program is on hold due to Covid, however we pray that many more families will be able to experience new lives in a free world.

We appreciate all your prayers and monetary support.
Without you we would not be able to continue our outreach to these precious Karen refugee children.
May God continue to bless you all,

Rick n Betty

December 2020 -

Merry Christmas,

I'm sure everyone would agree that 2020 has been a year that none of us will ever forget.
The Covid-19 Pandemic has impacted all our lives in a negative way.
We have lost many sponsors this year due to financial reversals because of the Pandemic, however we continue to trust in the Lord to bless our ministry and He does!

The refugee camps in Thailand have been under mandatory lockdown since early in the year, which impacted our ability to get money in to our sponsored children.
Some aid organizations were allowed to enter the camps in May so our border support contacts were able to take money in for our children.
We were able to send 2 more disbursements in July and September.
We are hoping to be able to get one more disbursement to the children before the end of the year.
We have a great support system set up for both refugee camps where our sponsored children reside.
We are continuing to send in all gifts sponsors buy for their children.
The children and their families are thrilled with the gifts of love.
I can communicate with both of our refugee camp contacts via Facebook and e-mail so that has helped us tremendously to keep updated on the situation in the camps.

Total disbursements so far has been $30,690.00 and we are planning to send another $18,000.00 in the next couple weeks.
We currently have 394 children who have received sponsorship funds this year.
We are in year 26 of our ministry and are very grateful that God has blessed our ministry over the years.
We appreciate all your prayers and monetary support.
Without you we would not be able to continue our outreach to these precious Karen refugee children.
Thank you!

God Bless you all,

Rick and Betty

December 2019 -

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2019 Year End Letter

December 2018 -

You can view the letter which includes pictures from summer visits at the following link:

2018 Year End Letter

December 2016 -

2016 Comes To A Close ~ Looking Forward To 2017

The year 2016 has been an interesting year for us.
Dozens of our refugee children and their families have been re-settled to other countries under the United Nations High Commission on Refugees resettlement program.
Many have come to the United States and we are keeping in contact with some of them.
Many of the children I have known from birth are now grown up and having children of their own.
I have been asked to name several of the newborns, and it is nice to follow the children through the years.
I am in contact with both of the refugee camps and hear from our camp contacts frequently.

We now have 376 children being actively sponsored by many different sponsors.
The sponsors have enjoyed receiving letters from their children in the refugee camps, and of course, the children are thrilled when they hear from their sponsors.
We are in the process of mailing out the Zip Blessing gift bags which sponsors have made for their children.

We have disbursed over $52,000.00 to the children so far in 2016 and are planning to send approximately $18,000.00 more by years end.

Due to medical issues, we will not be able to travel to Thailand in January; however we are praying that we will be able to go by May, before the Monsoon season starts.
God is in control and we are totally trusting Him to guide our decisions.
Even if we are not able to visit the camps, we will continue sending the money, gifts and letters to our camp contacts and they will see that the children receive what is due them.

We are grateful to all our sponsors and prayer warriors for helping us to continue this outreach to the families on the Thailand/Burma border.
God has a plan for us for this next year and we are prayerfully seeking His guidance.

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas,

Rick and Betty

March 2016 -

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Visit our Child Sponsor page to see the latest information on children needing sponsors.

December 2015 -

Merry Christmas!

This has been a very good year for International Assistance Group.
We have added several new sponsors and now have 474 children sponsored.
We have been able to disburse over $42,000.00 so far in 2015 and will disburse approximately $15,000.00 more before the end of the year.

Many families have been re-settled this year through the United Nations High Commission on Refugees re-settlement program.
Three hundred families were re-settled to U.S.A. from both camps in September.

There was heavy flooding in Mae Rah Moe camp and the report that we received was that 30 homes had been washed away.
A generous donation from our church was given to us to help the families re-build their homes.

The children are thrilled when they receive letters from their sponsors.
I have told the children that the sponsors also love to receive letters from them, resulting in more children now writing letters.
The job of translating all these letters is very time consuming.
We are blessed to have people in place in both camps who will translate them before they are sent to me.
The children's letters usually come to me in packs of 100+ and I have to match them to their sponsors and get them sent out.
What a blessing it is to read all these precious letters!
I know the sponsors are also blessed as they read them and are able to get a little glimpse into the lives of the children they sponsor.

We will be leaving January 11th for Thailand and will return on the 28th, and are asking for prayers that both camps would be open to us.
We have already received assurance that we can get into the high mountain camp of Mae Rah Moe.
I have sent a request to the Karen Refugee Committee asking permission to enter Mae La refugee camp.
This is the camp we were not allowed to enter last year.
We have over 200 sponsored children in that camp and we would love to be able to visit with them and get new pictures for their sponsors.

We will be taking gifts of Zip Blessing Bags from sponsors and others, as well as clothing made by the Dorcas ladies of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

Thank you so much for making it possible for us to bless so many families.
Your prayers for our trip are greatly appreciated.

In His Service,

Betty and Rick

January 2015 -

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January 2014 -

Blessed New Year wishes from International Assistance Group, Inc.

As a cost saving measure we will begin issuing receipts for donations at the end of each year unless you specifically request a receipt at the time of your donation.
Your year-end receipt for 2013 will be sent out via email (if we have your email address) and by regular mail if we don't have your email address.
Please be sure to review your receipt for accuracy and please let us know if there are any changes to your mailing address or email.

Thanks so much for helping to make a difference in the lives of these refugee children.

December 2013 -

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2013 Trip Summary

April 2012 -

Now Online!
Betty's November 2011 Trip Journal

February 2011 -

Betty's December 2010 Trip Journal is now online and ready for viewing.

April 2009 -

International Assistance Group, Inc. is moving! Beginning 5/1/09 the new mailing address for IAG will be:

International Assistance Group, Inc.
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February 2009 -

Betty's Journals from her February 2008 trip and her visit in November-December 2008 have now been posted.

August 2007 -

Betty's Journal from her March 2007 trip has now been posted. This edition features larger print along with photos.
Follow the link below to find links to all of her journals:

Access all of PeeTahThoo's Journals

July 31, 2003 -


The Karen Adventist Academy is one of the schools located in a Karen Refugee Camp along the Moei River.
IAG has received a letter from the principal of the Karen Adventist Academy seeking financial assistance to help pay the small subsidy they give the teachers.

You can read a full transript of the letter by clicking on the link below.
If you would like to help you can make a donation to IAG and designate your donation for the Karen Adventist Academy.

View Karen Adventist Academy Letter

January, 2003 -

We have started a new project helping to supply a remote Hospital that was in desperate need. You can read more about this project at the following link:

Mu Aye Puu Hospital Project Page

September 2002 -


One of the homes destroyed in the flooding

There are 2,388 families and 15.500 people who reside in the two combined camps.
On Monday September 2, 2002 at about 2:30 PM, serious flooding with landslides caused the river running through the camp to overflow and destroy 251 houses effecting 1,571 people.
233 more houses (effecting 1,510 people) were seriously damaged and 26 people killed.
Among those listed as dead are 9 who were lost and could not be found.
The ages of the dead range from 1 year old to 96 years old.
The people with undamaged homes took in all those who lost their homes and are living in very cramped conditions.
Because of damage to many homes, it is feared that many of them will quickly fall down or have to be totally re-built.
There is still a high risk of further landslides threatening 2 sections of the camp (approximately 176 houses.)
Due to this danger, the residents have been forced to stay in other homes, putting a strain on the host families.
Public buildings destroyed include 2 high schools, 8 primary schools, four reception centers, 2 medical clinics and the camp office.

In one report, we were told that a funeral was being held in one home and 12 students attending the funeral were drowned.

The photo on the left shows the sad job of transporting the injured from the flood area.

Monsoons will soon be over and we hope the re-building process can begin. I hope to visit the camp and give any assistance I can to those suffering losses due to the flooding.

October 2001 -

Betty's Journal from her May 2001 visit with the Karen is now completed and available for viewing online.
You may use the link below to access "PeeTahThoo's" Journal.

May 2001 Journal

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